Past Quarterly Programs

Nov. 20th 2011 Quarterly Program

Sunday November 20th @2pm: Genealogy Lecture with Gail Cashen
Genealogy is more than just identifying one’s grandmothers and grandfathers and where they came from. What really matters is the stories. Sometimes there is no one in the family living to tell the stories, but some of that history can be learned from the cemeteries and the historical records. Gail Cashen is an absolutely amateur genealogist who started with some photos of her mother’s family to identify and now spends rainy days and evenings looking into the genealogy of families of folks who live in the Town of Austerlitz. On November 20 she will share a few of the stories she has discovered and show you a bit about how she has learned them. Do you know a Rundell or a Mesick or a Varney? Have you ever heard of Timothy Woodbridge? Come to hear the stories.

Following the talk and demonstration, there will be a brief membership meeting to which all are invited and then we will enjoy some refreshments. We’ll meet at 2:00 p.m. at the Harvey House on the grounds of Old Austerlitz.