EASTER at Old Austerlitz
Here is your official invitation to welcome the Easter season and the long-awaited spring to Old Austerlitz (the snow is almost gone)! Join us on Sunday, April 2nd from 12-3pm rain (snow) or shine.
Bring a dozen or so hard-boiled eggs and we will supply traditional and natural dyes to help you create beautiful eggs to take home. If you have some unique dyes or techniques, please feel free to bring them along and share with the rest of us.
New this year is the Old Austerlitz Easter Egg Hunt! There will be lots of treats and surprises. If you are only a “kid at heart,” come anyway as we will have refreshments and a viewing area. Please contact Margaret Hover at [email protected] or 518-392-3785 to let her know how many children you will be bringing.
The shop will also be open with Easter goodies and new items for spring. Don’t forget our beautiful collection of greeting and note cards.
We have also partnered with a wonderful nursery to bring you some beautiful bunches of tulips to brighten your home.
As many of you know, we have not been able to fully show and use the schoolhouse for quite a number of years. The problem was a failing floor.
We are so happy to report that the floor has been completely repaired! It was a costly project, and we thank all of those who have contributed to AHS and made the repairs possible.

During the construction work we discovered four layers of flooring. Amazingly, the contractor was able to salvage the original wide plank layers of flooring (previously hidden) and so the result is a strong floor that maintains the original look.

As soon as the weather warms-up a bit, the interior will be repainted, and the historic items returned. You will be invited to a viewing and celebration when it is completed.

We would like to expand our schoolhouse collection. If you have any photos or original articles related to the schoolhouse please let us know. Gifts are appreciated, but scans/photos can made of original items and returned to you.

The Programming Committee is currently working on the 2023 schedule. Last year we had some of the best talks and programs we had ever held, and yet there was a problem: attendance was low.

We understand that the pandemic was still a major factor last year, but we suspect that habits and interests have changed as a result.We need your help and feedback. What kind of programing (talks, workshops, demonstrations, etc.) would you like to see? Better still, what kind of programming would you be likely to actually attend?
You can reply directly from this email and we will forward your comments to the committee. We thank you for your feedback.

Blueberry Festival 2023
Sunday, July 30th, 9am-3pm
We are already in full planning mode for the 2023 Blueberry Festival.We are now accepting applications for artists, crafts people, specialty food producers and antiques dealers for the July 30th festival. Please contact Margaret Hover at [email protected] for information and an application.
One of the best ways to get to know your neighbors and to give back to your community is to volunteer at the Blueberry Festival. We need volunteers for all areas of the festival. Please consider setting aside this day for volunteering – and volunteering early. Contact Margaret Hover for more information.