Special Events

July 7-Celebrating the Installation of Historic Markers

Town Historian- Tom Moreland

The Town and Historical Society are hosting events this Sunday in connection with the installation of markers in Austerlitz and Spencertown celebrating their designations as Historic Districts on the National Register of Historic Places. These designations bring honor to the communities, and the placement of the markers warrants a celebration.

These two related events will be informal affairs with brief remarks, a few photos, and then some refreshments at the old Town Hall.

Specifically: At 3 pm we gather at the Austerlitz Historical District marker, which is being installed on the Dan and Shani Palladino property, formerly Sally Light’s, at 11622 Route 22 (east side). Brief remarks will be made, surely including reflection on the sad loss of Bob Herron, and a photograph or two taken for the historical record.  

At 3:30 pm. we gather at the Spencertown Historical District marker, being installed just outside the old Town Hall. Again, brief remarks and a few photos. After which we enjoy some refreshments at the old Town Hall.