Past Workshops

May 31 2014 – Open Hearth Cooking Workshop

Our Second Open Hearth Cooking Workshop! Saturday, May 31st

On March 29th the Old Kitchen in the Morey-Devereaux House at Old Austerlitz came alive with historic and enthusiastic culinary activity. Food expert, historian and open hearth cook, Lavada Nahon, led the Austerlitz Historical Society’s first Open Hearth Cooking workshop.

Two additional workshops are currently scheduled for Saturday, May 31st and November 15th from 10am to 3pm.

Six participants will learn the art of 19th Century food preparation, open hearth cooking and baking skills, and some fascinating food history. Prep work and cooking are intensive and entirely “hands on.” The menu of authentic “receipts” includes multiple dishes, most of which are cooked in the hearth fires or baked in a beehive oven. Working side by side, participants recreate seasonal fare that would have been served at an early 19th Century dinner in eastern New York State. The methodology, kitchen utensils and cookware of the period are used whenever possible. The workshops culminate around the table, where a sumptuous meal is enjoyed by all.

The original Morey-Devereaux House was built in 1794 and reconstructed on the grounds of Old Austerlitz in 2000. The centerpiece of its Old Kitchen is a large brick fireplace and hearth, flanked by a “beehive” wall oven.

To learn more or register for the May 31st Open Hearth Workshop, please send an email request to Moira at: {encode=”[email protected]” title=”[email protected]”} The workshop fee is $65 and includes a full dinner.