Past Workshops

June 25th 2011 – Hypertufa Workshop

How about Hypertufa? Does it sound like a fancy dessert, a drink?

Neither a dessert nor drink it is something unique in the making, namely making a special planter or trough.

Making your own receptacle for some of your garden plantings as a focus in the garden, or as a welcome display at your home entrance can be a new and different way to express your creativity. Hypertufa pots are made from a mixture of Portland cement, sand and vermiculite. Formed by using a mold, with room for your own design touches, the pot or trough will need time to cure where it is made, after which you take it home.

Join a group who will engage in this hypertufa workshop on Sat. June 25th at Old Austerlitz from 2 to 5 with Instructors, Connie Mondel and Donna Peterson. There is room for ten people. The fee is $25.00.

If interested please call to reserve a place. The Austerlitz Historical Society phone # is 392-0062. The instructors will call you ahead of time with directions to the grounds at Old Austerlitz as well as provide suggestions for work clothes, apron, gloves, etc.